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Ingrid Rompa

Online Writing Coach

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Online Workshop For Female Entrepreneurs 
Preparing Your Mind for Writing

(3 lessons)

The next workshop will start this summer

You Will Learn How To


Find Your Favourite Writing Spot 


Build a Warm-up Routine


Develop New Blog Topics 


Jennifer Lloyd

This class gave me more than I expected!  Each day brought something new to the table and left me with new-found enthusiasm for all the writing tasks involved in running a solopreneur business. Warm-up exercises along with tips for finding your 'writing spot' have succeeded in taking the overwhelm out of creating not only my blog posts but also copy on my website and social media platforms. THANK YOU, Ingrid. I'm looking forward to taking the next class with you!

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Ingrid’s 3-day online writing course & it caused me to have a TOTAL mindset shift! I have always had it in the back of my mind to write a book but have had so many false starts! Ingrid’s course provided me with amazing insight into why I’ve not been able to get my ideas off the ground. The exercises taught me that I was missing a whole part of the writing process! Ingrid’s regular & timely feedback & encouragement throughout the 3 days was just what this writer needed to finally get that book started! 

Anne Caissie

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