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I am back!

I am back again! I stayed in the Netherlands for eight weeks. First with friends and family, after that I had house sitting jobs in two Dutch cities and I was spending time with family and friends again.

When I look back at this period, I feel really tired. And you know, it IS tiring. I do admit that. I did not realize this until I was back in the Netherlands. First I blamed the jetlag. Later on I thought it was because I had to get up early for the dogs I was taking care of. It is partly true but the packing, unpacking and settling down over and over again is asking a lot of energy. I'm out of balance when I am leaving and when I am adjusting at the new place. And when I am used to the house and the neighborhood, I move on…

I'm not complaining. Not at all! I still love my new way of living. I don’t want to settle down yet. I am really looking forward to my new adventures! This Monday I will return to Portland. My new American friends asked me to pet sit again. I will take care of their dog and cat. That's a safe, comfortable address. Like the Airbnb apartment I am staying at the moment. This really feels like home…

San Francisco After Portland I'm heading to San Francisco. That is my goal for this year. I'm really going to achieve that! I know it!! I have booked a flight from Portland to Santa Rosa, California and I will stay a week in Forestville, a town near Santa Rosa. I'm taking care of two big dogs. And they allow me to use their car. Yesssss! After that I have a house sit in San Leandro, California. Last week I’ve Skyped with the owners of two lovely dogs, to see if there is a click. And yes, it feels great! So I am thrilled, because this is exactly what I had in mind when I started my adventure in December. It’s a half hour drive from San Leandro to San Francisco. So that is wonderful! I am really excited!

But before I start my journey to California, I want to enjoy the ‘here and now’. Recently I joined an inspiring meeting in Surrey, Canada. They had a lot of interesting tips on meditation and how to live in the 'present’ rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. This blends in perfectly with all the interesting courses I did and still do.

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a lovely artist at English Bay in Vancouver, who exhibited her beautiful paintings on the grass, between tourists and local visitors. What a wise woman! What an inspiring attitude to life. I can learn a lot from people like that... I meet so many wonderful people during my trips and they all have unique stories to tell. That’s what I love the most about traveling: visiting all those beautiful places and meeting all those awesome people! No, I don’t want to settle down at all!

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