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From paradise to hell. Well, that is a bit over the top, but this house sit isn’t working out the way I had hoped it would be. The pets are great; that is a big comfort. The surrounding area is beautiful; nothing wrong with that! But the home-owners and the house are not my cup of tea…

Until now I only had positive experiences house sitting. Of course not every house is like my own. My taste is not everybody’s taste and vice versa. But I usually am comfortable in their home in a short amount of time. This house is very dark and it has a negative energy.

The homeowners are always very happy to see me and they spoil me with a nice meal or a full fridge with food and drinks in it. During my stay in their home, we have contact on a regular basis. Some people want me to take photos of their pets every day, some people want to Skype or call a few times a week. WhatsApp is very handy. Usually I will text frequently. As much as the homeowners want me to. It is part of my ‘job’. And I like it!

This time everything is different. We agreed that I would arrive the day before the home- and pet owners should go on a holiday. I personally think it’s important to spend some time with them and their pets before they leave. It was a long journey this time. It took me almost seven hours to travel from one house sit to the other. I took the bus and I rented a car. So I was tired and longing for a drink.

When I arrived at the house I sensed that there was something wrong. The house was a real mess and dirty as well. “I didn’t expect you today”, the homeowner said when we entered the kitchen. “I thought you’d come tomorrow! My fault totally. I mixed up the dates.” I felt a little awkward after these words. And I didn’t felt welcome at all! The dogs were happy to see me. They wanted to play with me instantly and their tails couldn’t stop moving.

I tried to make the best of the situation and started a conversation. That didn’t work out well. The man didn’t behave very friendly, and told me he doesn’t like people. After an hour I asked him for something to drink. I think he ‘forgot’ that part too. When his wife came home from work around 8.30 pm we had a meal together. The woman was nice, but busy. She cleaned out the guestroom so I could unpack. The next morning she went to work at 8.30 am and her husband stayed in bed until 10.30 am. When I decided to leave the house to see the sights he was sitting on the couch watching TV. He had only spoken two words: “Good morning”.

I was so glad that they would leave at 6 pm that day. I was really looking forward spending time with the pets. The husband and wife did not leave until 9 pm. When I asked them if they wanted pictures of their pets, their answer was “no”. The woman gave me her phone number, so I could text her if something was wrong or when I had any questions. When I did text her during the week it took her nearly 24 hours to respond.

At this moment I am waiting for their return. I am so glad it was only a house sit for a week! I will leave in the morning; as soon as possible! Hopefully my next house sit will be nice again. I will keep you posted!

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