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Content writer Sustainability

I am Ingrid Rompa, journalist & content writer. I want to make the world a bit better and more beautiful through my texts about sustainability. Interviewing interesting people and writing blogs are my two absolute favourite things to do. I love to combine those with my other passion: traveling the world in search of inspiring stories. 

  • I write interviews, blogs and informative texts about sustainability, environmental issues and climate change. By asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers I get to the heart of the matter. Subjects are sustainable building, sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable packaging, sustainable living and sustainable energy.


  • I have 30 years of experience as a journalist/ content writer and have written literally hundreds and hundreds of texts, reports and interviews.


  • Focus points: target audience-specific, creative, succinct, clear and unambiguous.


  • In 2012 I wrote the book Frank Boeijen – Kwart eeuw theater (A Quarter Century on Stage).


  • I am an enterprising entrepreneur (since 2001). I enjoy the brainstorming process with clients and/ or colleagues concerning new projects, opportunities and challenges immensely.


  • I collaborate with editors, journalists, copywriters, photographers, designers, web designers, advertising agencies, communication agencies and other specialized companies.


  • I studied History at the University of Leiden


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