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I can help you! 

A lot of small business owners write their own content. For instance, in blogging or storytelling. And that's not easy. Some of you have writer’s block or feelings of anxiety around writing. Some of you can’t get into the flow or attract the wrong clients, or no clients at all. Sounds familiar? Don't panic. I can help you! 

One of the things I can do for you is to show you how to attract your ideal clients so you can help them! I can teach you how to get out of your head and write from the heart! When you write personal content using your authentic writing voice, your unique personality shines through and the right readers (= potential clients) will bond with you.

I will teach you to write your own content authentically by taking baby steps. It's not a quick fix. You have to practice. But if you are willing to take this journey with me, you will reach your destination. I am sure of it. Let the adventure begin and book a FREE Discovery Call!


About me


I am a Content Writer/Journalist with 30+ years of experience, and I want to share my knowledge with Female Entrepreneurs in Workshops and One-on-one coaching. I can teach you specific writing techniques and I can help you to find your authentic writing voice in order to connect with your ideal client. I would love to guide you on your journey!

Writing is my passion. I wrote my first book when I was 13 years old. My motto is ‘Dream it, do it’ and it works! 
I turned writing from a hobby into my profession and a few years later I started my own copywriting business. That was a defining moment in my life.

Another important step was, that in 2016 I decided to sell my house in the Netherlands in order to fulfill a lifelong dream: to travel the world. So I did! I started travelling as a pet/ house sitter in search of interesting people and inspiring stories about nature, climate change and sustainability. Please join me on my travels and let me help you write your personal story. Together we will conquer the world! 

Ingrid ❤

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let the adventure begin!

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Online Discovery Call (free)
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Mindset Workshop



I got what I came for. I came into the course with the intention of creating space and time for me to connect with my best client. I’ve done many exercises before on writing about my ideal client avatar, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from what Ingrid has to offer. What I loved most about this writing workshop was the simplicity of it. It was easy to follow and apply! I loved all the little surprises that came out of the work. For example, how much clarity I had around my ideal client and how easy it was for me to talk about them. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I didn’t have it down, but this workshop really helped me acknowledge how much I DO KNOW and how I AM ALREADY a powerful writer. Ingrid was able to draw out the truest part of my voice just with one simple exercise! Writing in this new way is a GAME CHANGER! It was almost like it was a nice gift and kiss from the Universe. I got to recognize my deeper why in the importance of writing and using my voice and amplifying the value and power that I have with my words. As a mindset coach, this was a huge win for me! Thank you Ingrid for providing this very rewarding experience.

Vanessa Leung

 Jennifer Lloyd

This class gave me more than I expected!  Each day brought something new to the table and left me with new-found enthusiasm for all the writing tasks involved in running a solopreneur business. Warm-up exercises along with tips for finding your 'writing spot' have succeeded in taking the overwhelm out of creating not only my blog posts but also copy on my website and social media platforms. THANK YOU, Ingrid. I'm looking forward to taking the next class with you!

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Ingrid’s 3-day online writing course & it caused me to have a TOTAL mindset shift! I have always had it in the back of my mind to write a book but have had so many false starts! Ingrid’s course provided me with amazing insight into why I’ve not been able to get my ideas off the ground. The exercises taught me that I was missing a whole part of the writing process! Ingrid’s regular & timely feedback & encouragement throughout the 3 days was just what this writer needed to finally get that book started! 

Anne Caissie

My experience with Ingrid’s 3-day online writing course was fantastic. I loved that Ingrid was able to ask us the right questions and lead us to ideas and creativity. These questions helped me to draw a perfectly clear picture of my ideal client profile, and helped me to find my writing voice. I gained confidence in writing which I lost long ago. Thank you so much Ingrid for imparting your knowledge. Just 3 days made a big difference, and I look forward to taking your full course one day!

Amy Ku

In only 3 days, you will shift your mindset about writing. In only 3 days Ingrid will give you so much value, and she will help you look at things so differently, you’ll be amazed. You will find your voice in a way like never before. Thank you, Ingrid!

Ruby Ben

Working with Ingrid in her 3-day Workshop was a pleasure. The assignments were thoughtfully designed to help people find their groove. Ingrid is warm and approachable – great assets for a teacher!

Miera Rao

Barbara Ptak

I recently had the opportunity to attend an online writing workshop with Ingrid Rompa. I signed up because I wanted to improve my content writing. I also wanted to ensure the content reflected my personality.

Over the next 3 days, I had writing exercises that were enjoyable and pushed me gently out of my comfort zone. The group experience of support was fantastic as well.

The day started with a video of Ingrid explaining the exercise. The entry into the workshop portal was easy. The instructions to the worksheets were explained well and pleasing to view. The writing exercises were not time-consuming, yet I was able to see my improvement.

Thank you, Ingrid I am looking forward to more of your course offerings in the future.


I recently took Ingrid’s three-day Online Writing Workshop. I was particularly attracted to the promise of finding my ideal reader and my authentic writing voice when posting on social media. Her assignments stretched me beyond my fear of criticism and vulnerability. I now see that writing with my authentic voice will help draw to me my ideal reader. I don’t have to appeal to all readers. I want to appeal to the ones who want to hear what I have to say. This is incredibly liberating! Ingrid’s positivity, encouragement and big heart came through in her communications to us. I felt safe and encouraged to just be me.

Dailaan Shaffer

I just finished Ingrid’s 3-day writing course and I absolutely loved it! By asking the right questions she helps you to find your own writing voice and tackles common problems like insecurity about writing. This workshop taught me things I can really put to use in my current job and it helped me find what I actually like to write about!"

Ginny de Bruin

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'What I loved most about this writing workshop was the simplicity of it. It was easy to follow and apply!'          Vanessa Leung 
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