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Ingrid Rompa

Traveling House Sitter

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Annemiek - Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands 


We are two nice red cats - called Willem and Theo - and an old spoiled dog, Tessa. We are very sweet, but we do not want to be left alone in the house when our owners go on holiday in July. Luckily a sweet lady was found, called Ingrid. She said she wanted to take care of us in our home in Holland for three weeks. It was very cozy together with her and we were allowed to watch TV on her lap every night. She cuddled us at the sofa. Our old dog also became really close friends with Ingrid. Our owners are very pleased with this trusted house sitter and asked her to come back at the end of the year. So we are really looking forward to it!

Dirk  - Noord-Holland the Netherlands

For a period of 6 weeks Ingrid took care of our 13 years old Golden Retriever and our 2 cats. After that period the animals really loved her and that is always a good sign.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ingrid as an animal loving reliable pet sitter


Nikki - Zuid-Holland the Netherlands

Ingrid lovingly took care of our two cats during the period of November 28 2016 until January 13 2017. During this period she stayed in our home, and besides looking after the animals, she kept up the house by making sure our plants were doing well, sorting our mail, etc.

We have gotten to know Ingrid as a very friendly animal lover. What made the contact with her so nice, was that she intuitively sensed that the animals are very important to us and that we take the care of them extremely seriously. Ingrid shares that vision which reassured not only us, but made the cats settle down quickly in her presence.

Although this was our first experience with a house sitter, it allowed us to go on our holidays in a relaxed frame of mind. While away, we regularly received updates, often with pictures. This really gave us the sense that our cats were doing well and made missing them more manageable.

Ingrid was very careful of our things during our absence and upon arrival we found the house clean. In short: Ingrid is a reliable house sitter, with love for animals and respect for your possessions. I therefore, wholeheartedly, recommend Ingrid as a pet- and house sitter.

If you still have questions about Ingrid and her skills as a house sitter, you can reach me via email. Ingrid can give you our email address.

Sincerely, Nikki

Monique - Noord-Holland the Netherlands

Ingrid looked after our home our German shepherd, 2 rabbits and our 3 cats for several times while we were away. She is a very kind and caring person and always kept us informed of how our dog, cats and rabbits were doing in our absence. It is obvious that she has been doing this for many years as she was very organized and she kept in touch regularly which made our time away very relaxed. The house was immaculate when we returned. Lovely Sitter 5 stars.

André and Éva - Noord-Holland the Netherlands

Ingrid took care of our cats Fritz and Tommy while we were on holidays. We are very happy with the care and love she gave our animals. We can really recommend her as a pet- and house sitter. She is reliable, honest, responsible and she loves animals.

Janet - Santa Rosa, California USA 


My husband and I consider ourselves very lucky to have found Ingrid to take care of our puppy and four cats.  She is a real animal lover, very caring and sweet, and she gives them all the attention they need. She especially bonded with our puppy and took him out every day. 

Ingrid is very conscientious and honest. We trusted her with everything in our house and the use of our cars, and it all turned out great. We felt our animals and home were in excellent care. She also stayed in touch with frequent texts and photos. I would have Ingrid back any time and recommend her to anyone who loves and worries about their pets. 


Yvonne – Noord-Holland, the Netherlands


During our Christmas (working) holiday in the Gambia Ingrid stayed in our house to take care of our sweet cat Yara. During our telephone conversations I immediately got the feeling it would be okay to have Ingrid as ‘babysitter’ for Yara. For me it’s most important that Yara gets a lot of attention when we’re gone and that’s exactly what Ingrid gave her. We didn’t meet Ingrid personally but would love to have her as house and babysitter again during our next Christmas holiday.

Jessica & Dave - San Leandro, California, USA

Ingrid hung out with our dogs for 2 weeks. When we returned the house was in perfect order, the dogs well cared for, and our plants all healthy. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, and did a great job house-sitting.

Tricia - Forestville, California, United States

Ingrid stayed with our two large dogs and our older cat for 6 days this week and everyone was sad to see her go. Our animals really loved her and she was great at taking care of their food/medication needs. Ingrid also put us at ease by sending us lots of photos and videos, and we were so very comforted by that. She offered to walk our dogs but they don't always behave well on walks so we opted to have them run around our large yard instead, in our absence. Her communication is excellent and she stayed in frequent touch with us. Ingrid flew in from another state and had no transportation in our rural area, so she borrowed our car with no major incidents. She is a lovely, interesting person who seems to genuinely enjoy spending time with animals and exploring different parts of the world, and we have that in common. We would be happy to have her back!


Esther - Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands 

When we go on vacation, we prefer having our pets in their own surroundings, close by the forest. A house sitter is ideal, but a click with our "kids" is important.
Ingrid and I came into contact with each other and we immediately had a good feeling about what we both had to offer. An appointment to get to know each other was having a nice coffee, interesting conversations and finally we booked her.
Ingrid is wonderful. Besides her expertise, Ingrid is cheerful, caring, relaxed and flexible, but above all really a gift for our pets. 
If you are available, I like having you back in our home during our next vacation. Have a great time in Canada and the US! And whoever gets you as a house sitter is lucky!

Esther and Peter
Big, Jan and Pam
The Netherlands


Tom - Portland, OR, United States


Ingrid was very reliable and professional as a house and pet sitter. She was prompt and thorough in her communication. We found her to be friendly and open. Our two dogs and a cat love her and so do we. We spent time with her before and after our vacation and felt like we have a new friend. She merged well into our lives and the neighborhood. We trust her and enjoy spending time with her. We've got her lined up to stay with us during our next trip this fall. We're thrilled. We recommend her for your next vacation.

Susan - WA, United States


My husband and I planned a 3-week dream trip to Scotland for our 10-year wedding anniversary. After the new year, we realized that we needed a pet/house sitter for our 2 large dogs and 2 geriatric kitties and started our search of local people. Well, no one was willing to stay the whole 3 weeks and the cost was getting really high. Then we found! We placed an ad and received 3 applicants. After reviewing them, we knew Ingrid would be a perfect fit! We Skyped with her twice, drew up and signed a "House sitter's Agreement" and booked her to come to stay a couple days before we left so everyone could acclimate. I should disclose that I am one of those people who will call and talk on the answering machine to my pets while I am away. Or ask a pet sitter to put the phone up to my dog's ear, etc., so I miss my pets when I'm away and it can effect my trip.

Ingrid was amazing - Bear, my "one woman" Sheppard, leaned against her legs within 5 minutes of her arrival! She did not disappoint. We received pictures and texts at least every other day from her during the entire time we were in Scotland. We also Skyped a couple of times. When we arrived home everyone was relaxed, healthy and happy! The house was clean and everything was as we left it. Ingrid loves what she does and treats your home and your pets as if they are her own. We highly recommend her for house and pet sitting!!

We not only found someone we can trust, but we have a new friend for life. :) You are welcome anytime, Ingrid! Thank you :)



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