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Are you an entrepreneur with a beautiful story to tell? Do you want to share your knowledge or connect people?
We can help you with that!

Journalism and storytelling

Our specialty is creating content and news releases about sustainability. We provide texts for online platforms, magazines, company publications and newsletters. You can also retain us to write and send out press releases.


Subjects: sustainable building, sustainable living, sustainable energy, sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable packaging.

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Content marketing

With content marketing we enhance your visibility; online and also offline. We achieve this by writing powerful content and great search words for Google (SEO), among other things.

Global Green Connections provides content about sustainability for websites, blogs, social media, brochures and flyers.

English and Dutch

We write and/or edit content in English and Dutch. We can also provide you with translations: from Dutch to English. We deliver fluent, coherent and logically structured texts, based on an original copy or an in-person interview.


While sustainability is a very important topic to us, it does not preclude that other subjects will be thoroughly examined and reported on.

Writing Coach

Online Writing Coach

We are very happy to write the content for you, but we can also help you to write your own content! Please take a look at our website and book a free discovery call!

The earth has music for those who listen
George Santayana


'‘The world is a beautiful place, but it is going
 to take hard work to keep it that way...’


We want to contribute through our writing.
We hope to inspire, inform and connect.
We know that collaboration is key.


We are aware that worldwide, there are many incredible initiatives being developed every day, in every corner of the planet. So often though people are forced to reinvent the whole sustainable process anew or at the very least substantial parts of it.


Sharing knowledge saves valuable time and resources, both things that are in short supply.


Let us help you share the information that is out there, connect with others that are likeminded and inspire people of all walks of life, of all generations and of all political and religious persuasions to achieve the most important goal ever: to save our beautiful planet.

The owner of Global Green Connections is Ingrid Rompa.    

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Corporations, Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Temp Agencies, Architects, Real Estate Agents and Charitable Organisations. Our client list includes: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, World of Walas, Dutch Green Building Council, Martens Cleaning, Hoondert Group, Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven, Installatie & Sanitair, Installatiejournaal, Energiesprong/ Platform 31, Bouwend Nederland, Duurzaam Gebouwd, Uneto-VNI, UWV Werkbedrijf, Goede Doelen Loterijen,  Van Brero & Breugem NVM Makelaardij, Van Groenigen Makelaardij, VOC (Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf), AB Flexkracht, Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg, Technische Unie, LIAG Architecten en Bouwadviseurs, ISSO, DWA installatie- en energieadvies, HVC KringloopEnergie.



Ralph Mens, editor-in-chief at Hortipoint, Tuin en Landschap:

Ingrid is a driven and thorough copywriter/journalist with a wealth of experience

Marianne Vlak, Marketing & Communication AB Flexkracht:

Especially the way in which Ingrid manages to transform long interviews into succinct texts warrant a big compliment, in my opinion

Van Brero & Breugem NVM Makelaardij:

Besides the time it saves us, the texts are always presented in a professional manner

Content writer Sustainability

I am Ingrid Rompa, journalist & content writer. I want to make the world a bit better and more beautiful through my texts about sustainability. Interviewing interesting people and writing blogs are my two absolute favourite things to do. I love to combine those with my other passion: traveling the world in search of inspiring stories. 

  • I write interviews, blogs and informative texts about sustainability, environmental issues and climate change. By asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers I get to the heart of the matter. Subjects are sustainable building, sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable packaging, sustainable living and sustainable energy.


  • I have 30 years of experience as a journalist/ content writer and have written literally hundreds and hundreds of texts, reports and interviews.


  • Focus points: target audience-specific, creative, succinct, clear and unambiguous.


  • In 2012 I wrote the book Frank Boeijen – Kwart eeuw theater (A Quarter Century on Stage).


  • I am an enterprising entrepreneur (since 2001). I enjoy the brainstorming process with clients and/ or colleagues concerning new projects, opportunities and challenges immensely.


  • I collaborate with editors, journalists, copywriters, photographers, designers, web designers, advertising agencies, communication agencies and other specialized companies.


  • I studied History at the University of Leiden


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Just a few of the subjects we have written about:


The most sustainable education building in the Netherlands

WELL Building Standard very popular in Canada

Sidewalk Toronto: a community


Best gelezen verhaal (1).jpg

Building a house with four people in four weeks. According to Randy from Cubicco that is definitely possible.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better  
Albert Einstein



Global Writing Connections is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden in the Netherlands under the number 27197355. These are our Terms and Conditions and here you will find our Privacy Policy.


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