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I have started this housesitting adventure on November 28th, 2016. I’ve sold my house and decided not to buy or rent another one and travel the world. That was a big decision for me because I have lived in the Netherlands my whole life!

A few months before my adventures started, I did some research because I never did any housesitting work before; only for friends, family and neighbors. I started my search for house-sitting platforms in the Netherlands. I found two websites that match house sitters with homeowners. The sites are both trustworthy, is my personal experience. They have a lot of housesits in the Netherlands, but they also provide house sits in other European countries: (€ 70 annual fee) The house sit profile is very limited, but it works well. (€ 10 annual fee) You will get daily alerts of new house sits. You can only respond by email.

This website offers a lot of addresses in the UK and Europe, but also in Australia and North America:

(€ 99 annual fee). It is the largest website and probably the fastest growing. Very trustworthy. The annual fee slightly differs for different countries.

You will get:

  • Daily alerts of new house sits;

  • Verifications to enhance your profile;

  • Sit Vet Advice Line;

  • Member Services Support. (€ 17 annual fee) has a lot of house-sits, primarily in North America and Europe. You will get alerts if you enter your preferences. Trustworthy.

I have no experience with or but I have recently added free profiles on these websites, so I will keep you informed!

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